One Bar Town have unstrapped their electric guitars for the time being, and recorded an acoustic album  at Tom Spötter's Out-O-Space Studio. The new songs, recorded live in the studio, reduces the band sound to the bare essentials, where the focus is on the song itself. Of the 10 tunes, 9 are originals, and one a cover of the Canadian Singer/Songwriter Wendy McNeill's 'Fall Girl'.
In addition to One Bar Towns previous blend of Roots Rock, Twisted Hillbilly and the odd outbreak towards Cow Punk, elements of Swing Jazz, Bluegrass, Folk and Rockabilly are thrown into the pot.

Together with Twah!, One Bar Town have decided to make 'Boy Scout Songs' a "Mailorder Only" item for the time being. Available from on Oct 1st, to coincide with the October leg of the Boy Scout Songs Tour. The CD comes in a beautifully packaged digifile cover, and is strictly limited to 1100 copies. "Bones Of O.B.T. Tour" (special acoustic trio shows), supporting Amy Rigby are being scheduled for Spring, 2005.

Why an acoustic album?

Kent Nielsen: "Why did we decide to record an acoustic album? Well for one thing that is how all our songs are written initially - just one voice and one guitar. Secondly, when Andreas and Stefan came to the rehearsal room with the first batch of songs, all but one of them kind of had that acoustic feel. So much so that the three of us briefly considered sacking the rhythm section! Luckily we didn't, since - as you will hear on the album - Skinny had started writing again and wound up contributing a couple of tracks as well."

 One Bar Town - Biography

 Picture yourself in a small farming town, surrounded by nothing but corn fields. Like in the movie U-Turn, a place you only go to by accident. Most significant in this dreary town is a barn-like building with an awkward out of place neon sign that spells B-A-R. Not a soul in  sight. Music filters out through the walls of the bar. And you hear roots rock, twisted hillbilly, topped with an occasional kick of cow punk. That's when you know you're in a one bar town ...

 The Lübeck based fivesome known as One Bar Town, have been regular visitors on various stages throughout Germany for the past 5 years. With +100 shows under their belt (incl. prestigious festivals such as Orange Blossom Special and the Twangfest in Nürnberg), One Bar Town have prooved to be steady suppliers of the finest blend of Roots Rock, Cow Punk and Hillbilly, all wrapped in their very own sound.

Despite the desolate climate of the live scene in Germany, it didn't take long for One Bar Town to begin headlining their own nationwide German tours. Armed with a 110% D.I.Y. attitude and a confidence gained from supporting the likes of; Calexico, The Yayhoos, Jon Dee Graham, Neal Casal, Todd Thibaud a.o., One Bar Town booted down the doors of many venues, delivering a convincing liveshow loaded with energy and punch to the boot. Rocking electric as well as completely unplugged, but always with an edge and an attitude. Now One Bar Town are ready with their 3rd album 'Boy Scout Songs'. An album that opt for the acoustic route, as opposed to the much more rocking approach of their previous two albums.

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Power Of Principles (Twah! 120 / 2001)
Say Me A Rosary (Twah! 124 / 2003)
Boy Scout Songs (Twah! 127 / 2004)

„Hotel New Hampshire Pt. 2” auf SEKA Vol. 3 (Twah! / 2003)
„Linedance Punkrock Lesbian“ auf Soniche Avventure
Punk V (Fridge Rec. / 2004)


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Download Pressephoto